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Still haven’t gathered enough info? Would you like to know more? Then you can read the following articles which mention Textile Mountain, or listen to our interviews. Not only do we promote sustainability in the clothing and fashion industry, but also a sustainable approach to living. Everything is related and sustainability can be applied to the majority of our daily habits. Have a look here and find out more about us and our philosophy. 

Just like discovering and reusing the old-new fabrics and materials, it is equally important for us to share information and enlightenment of why we do what we do and why it makes sense to us. In addition to occasional talks and tailored lectures (private and public), we are happy to provide interviews. Here you can find some of them. Thank you for the opportunity to share with you what we do and believe in.

Textile Mountain™   


Fabrics by Rochová or Vibskov are getting a second chance in Letná

Tons of them are lying around the world. Forgotten in warehouses, piling up at garbage dumps… Rolls of unused fabrics (aka dead stock) in most cases end up shredded into pieces at incineration plants. A young Czech designer Lenka Vacková now figured out how to give them a second chance. 

Radio wave

Instead of clothes she discusses the system: project Textile Mountain utilises textile industry deadstock

Deadstock is a waste of industrial production. Designer Lenka Vacková is convinced that deadstock can be utilised in different ways other than shredding or burning it up. Her latest project Textile Mountain connects personal experience of working in design studios, textile factories and a factory for recycling textile.

Czech Design

Unique Textile Mountain opened up in Letná, concept unseen in Czech Republic and world-wide

The doors of Textile Mountain were ceremonially opened on 21st March. Textile Mountain is the first ecological haberdashery and fabric shop in Czechia. This unique concept was created by fashion designer Lenka Vacková

Praha 7

Fabrics are a treasure!

Fashion designer Lenka Vacková opens Textile Mountain, a shop selling surplus fabrics from factories and fashion studios which would otherwise end up at garbage dumps or incineration plants. As one of the first in Prague 7, Textile Mountain gave out free materials for face masks.

DM Active Beauty Měsíce

“We want to prevent creation of textile waste whenever possible”

Designer Lenka Vacková opened an eco-friendly shop, saving textile and haberdashery deadstock.

Think about the planet. Czech women are fighting for a more sustainable lifestyle

Trend which in the coming seasons will surpass the most distinct collections of Parisian catwalks and the most progressive designs, colours and patterns across the entire fashion industry? Sustainability!

For the issue dedicated to fashion, we have chosen four women who represent the voice of the generation fighting for sustainable lifestyle and fashion. Get inspired by their stories and tips on how you can help to save the planet.

Mistní kultura

Lenka Vacková’s Kingdom of Deadstock has been opened for a year

Lenka Vacková is an alumna of UMPRUM Fashion and Footwear Design Studio lead by Prof. Liběna Rochová, and a founder of a sustainable fashion brand L&V.  In 2017 she was awarded Czech Grand Design award for fashion designer of the year. She is an open critic of fast fashion and consumerism who believes that fashion waste and deadstock should be put back into circulation and used for clothes. “There is so much clothes around that we need to look for new and alternative forms of upcycling,” she says. As a result she founded the Textile Mountain project.


Textile Mountain in Prague 7

Fashion designer Lenka Vacková opened a shop selling unutilised fabrics and haberdashery. Discarded fabrics sold there are bought off Czech textile factories, haberdasheries or fashion designers, therefore deadstock from major textile factories and materials by Liběna Rochová, Henrik Vibskov or Iva Burkertová from Odivi can be found next to each other.


Return to machines. Sewing courses used to be a necessity, now they teach us to appreciate things

When you enter Textile Mountain you might get quite confused that you haven’t by accident entered a luxurious candy shop. After a closer look one realises that on the white cloth covered tables there are Czech-made beads from Jablonec in all shapes and sizes. It’s almost half a ton of adornments of fashion designer Josef Ťapťuch’s archives. What used to be a dark basement full of detritus is now a brick-walled room full of light where in addition to beads, rolls of fabrics and full racks, it also serves like a sustainable haberdashery and a workshop for public courses. These are organised by the founder Lenka Vacková and a fashion designer Barbora Procházková, who takes the attendees through the process of stitching up your own piece of garment


Interview with Lenka Vacková about her project Textile Mountain and clothes repairs

At the end of March, Lenka Vacková opened Textile Mountain deadstock fabrics shop in Čechova street in Letná. We went to her to let her tell us more about her new project which is currently culminating in crowdfunding on Hithit.