In cooperation with Project Sapience, we organise original workshops and sewing courses.

Together with Bara you can create your own, original and nature-friendly wardrobe and on top of that learn how to sew. Courses are suitable for all, even if you’re a complete beginner or can sew like a pro.

Bara creates original designs and stylish pieces of clothing and accessories. Using patterns for any of her pieces, anyone can stitch one for themselves. The courses run in the Textile Mountain shop, so the fabrics can be bought directly from there, or you can bring your own favourite piece from home. There are no limits to your imagination, and even though the initial patter is the same for all attendees, the results can vary significantly. You can choose from several varieties of clothing and accessories.

It is fun and pleasant time within the creative atmosphere of Textile Mountain, that changes from a shop to a small workshop and a studio, with small snacks, tea or coffee available.

Textile Mountain™